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My commitment is simple:
Make your life easier.
When support for a project, all objectives of the challenge are clearly defined at the outset and condition the way forward and the goal to reach.
Starting from a clear roadmap, the tasks are so easily identified.
In implementing the procedures and agreements with all different actors remain the only actions.


Organizational structure:
  • Support for the enterprises opening
  • Advice on the Organization of the company,
  • Creation of procedures in line with the specifications of the company.
  • Opening of the bank accounts.
  • Preparation issues for exporting firms.
  • Organisation of Sales Department
  • Implementation of marketing strategy
  • Creation of contracts for sale in close collaboration with lawyers
Export: Knowledge of the various subsidies for French companies intending to export.


  • Services real estate
  • Interim management
  • Enterprise restructuring
  • Council investment real estate
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First i would like to thank you for your interest in this website.
My goal : Give the possibility to know ourself better.


The creation of a concept of International exhibition of real estate! Unique opportunity allowing real estate professionals from the contractual agreements together to develop an international network of partners.
Present the pros and cons of the investments within the euro area and non-euro area.
Bring together investors, institutional and professionals from various countries.


The Chinese say: may live you in interesting times in relation to me, I try every day.
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